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I write about possibilities in the Metaverse & productivity in the Meatverse ♦︎ Founder, Scapic (acquired by Flipkart)
Virtual Pets sounded implausible until the world had CryptoKitties
  • 75% think it’s a dumb idea
  • 20% aren’t convinced immediately but curious and slightly less than neutral
  • 5% are others in the XR space who “get…


  • Get out of the building: Whatever it is that you are upto, stop confining it to just the walls of your cabin or your…

The undergrad engineering system in India

Source: Dribbble

The Basics: What is Jio Glass?

Change is neither good nor bad, it simply is- Don Draper, Mad Men.

These are tough times if you are a retailer, store or offline brand. the retail community is one of the sectors being hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. As retailers try to figure out how to navigate these uncertain times, we’re here to help, in our little way.

Things are a bit concerning out there

Not one, but three Crises

Sai Krishna V. K

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