Why products and ideas in VR and AR sound dumb, until they aren’t.

Virtual Pets sounded implausible until the world had CryptoKitties

Virtual and Augmented Reality have been industries that are relatively new, burgeoning and have a strange problem. Every startup that is attempting to build ambitious technology advancements atop VR/AR simply risks or has been mocked at for being too dumb.

I find the ratio when I talk to people an idea that has anything to do with Virtual or Augmented Reality:

  • 75% think it’s a dumb idea

When you’re an entrepreneur or building something, it’s scarily easy to feel directionless, disillusioned, and not trust your own voice. Plateauing out sucks, but staying there is worse. A framework helped me get through the lean patches 🏃‍♂️💨


A lot of why we beat ourselves up is due to the lack of forward movement or inertia. It’s dangerously easy to fall into this state, and not as easy to shake it off. A few pointers helps:

  • Get out of the building: Whatever it is that you are upto, stop confining it to just the walls of your cabin or your…

How did a hacker news article lead to building a WhatsApp hack that grew into an enterprise AI company.

Supertext was founded as a startup with a simple promise: We bring you anything if you’re willing to pay for it. Yep, anything. Anything that world well within the legal framework, but anything at all.

What can go wrong?
Turns out, quite a lot.

The year was 2015, the city was Bangalore and the buzz was about hyperlocal. Almost everyone who had a business now had an app. Every app had a delivery option and we wanted to be the layer…

What do you do when you are disgruntled about your textbook? You go play cricket. But we decided to build an AI recommendation engine for learning material instead.

The undergrad engineering system in India

Undergrad Engineering in India is a peculiar beast.
Often, it is easy to exhaust 4 years through it all, only to realize that you might not have learnt as much as you thought you would. But to make it to undergrad engineering, you go through a walk of fire better known as engineering entrance examinations. …

How Augmented Reality and the Camera can revolutionize the way we buy online.

If you think back on any of your life’s most incredible experiences — visiting a new country; a meaningful moment with family and friends; watching your favorite band perform — all your sensory memories come back. It’s what you saw, heard, and felt in that moment, all around you. Those sensory experiences are a big part of what makes us human. Now, what if you could relive these moments whenever you want?

We started Scapic with this mission. A goal to bring the potential of Virtual Reality…

How GPT-3, your smartphone and Augmented Reality can disrupt a dinosaur industry.

We all love a good picture. The history of photographic studios and photography dates back to 19th century with the first camera. The earliest photographic studios made use of painters’ lighting techniques to create portraits. In my country, generations of Indians would assemble under the studio lights to get that perfect family portrait. We have come a staggering distance since then.

Source: Dribbble

Today, these photo studios that were responsible for many families and their portraits, have all but disappeared. Aspiring models, commerce catalogues and even the largest of families…

The promise of Augmented Reality hardware has been immense, but so have been the number of misses. Can Jio’s next hardware play be any different?

Reliance has been on a tear in the last few months. Jio Platforms, has raised nearly $16B in four months. A company that was built on the core of oil & gas did not have those terms being uttered through their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the first 60 minutes. The next bet, looking forward, among many things is a pair of mixed reality glasses called Jio Glass.

The Basics: What is Jio Glass?

Jio Glass launched as mixed-reality glasses that…

The Internet creates a vast commoditization of goods. It has become easier than ever to find the product you want, at the best price and have it delivered to your doorstep. Through this change, what has become linearly more difficult is to get a customer to pay attention. Your store needs to create a memorable experience, and not just a listing. There must be a reason why customers buy your product over another.

A customer during and after the pandemic is going to be indoors, has access to information, and expects your business to react to their wants and needs…

To say we are in a year of change is a massive understatement, however learning how to cope and evolve is key, the current economic climate may have changed, however, learning to cope with unprecedented changes is a facet of business since the time of the Madison avenue men to now.

Change is neither good nor bad, it simply is- Don Draper, Mad Men.

Evolution has always been part of life. Embracing change is hard for humans but essential for business. Businesses need to be responsive, move with the times, and not hold on to old ways. Innovation, invention, and…

These are tough times if you are a retailer, store or offline brand. the retail community is one of the sectors being hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. As retailers try to figure out how to navigate these uncertain times, we’re here to help, in our little way.

Things are a bit concerning out there

I hope this note finds you, your team and your loved ones as we all settle into the new normal — at least for the foreseeable future. These times are concerning, uncertain and has no playbook written to adhere to. Honestly, we don’t know how long this is going to last, and what the world would look like once it has. Hence, we’re penning this as our lens to view the world from your shoes, the same ones that make up ours.

Not one, but three Crises

While the world at large feels the weight in the midst of the Covid crisis, in the retail…

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